Our aims and the curriculum

We believe the child’s well being and development are paramount. We treat each and every child with respect and as an individual, with equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, cultural background, physical or mental ability.

We give a high standard of care to all involved and build upon the teaching that starts in the home. We maintain a wide and balanced curriculum which fosters the diverse abilities and talents of all the children in our care. We help to prepare children  for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of school life by forming a caring partnership of co-operation with parents, carers and the local community.

At Kiddiecare, our Staff plan activities according to the age of the children, in line with the curriculum that we are following.

Children learn about the world around them through their senses.  So when providing activities we take this into consideration.  During a child’s first couple of years there is also a lot of physical growth and development, and so the children need lots of opportunities to learn and practice new skills.

Our curriculum follows the guidelines set out in Early Years Foundation Stage.

It is our aim to treat each child as an individual, and to encourage each child to develop, explore and expand their knowledge at their own learning pace. Well-planned structured play both indoors and outdoors are provided to ensure that the children in our care can learn and develop within an environment that is both fun and challenging.

Each child has a Key Person who is involved in the planning process of the Pre School Curriculum. It is the aim of the Key Person to build strong relationships with both the child and parent, being responsible for the child’s development and sharing information and feedback with the parent.

We believe that parents and key persons need to work closely together in supporting children in their development.

The process of observing children should help to identify learning strengths and weaknesses as early as possible.

Each parent may have access to their child’s records at anytime via their child’s key person or Jugan Sahota.