All about Kiddiecare Kindergarten

Kiddiecare offers a structured/freeflow routine. Our children learn through structured lessons with a balance of free choice play. We strive to offer the highest care and education for all children within a safe and caring environment. Our experienced and dedicated staff supports children to become confident and independent, which then ensures a smooth transitions into their next steps into school and education.

We are a setting that enjoys all outdoor activities and many visits into our local community. We have a large new garden and the use of fields and woods in our school grounds. Outdoor play is a big part of our children’s development and learning. We have strong ties with our local school and communities. We hold an outstanding Ofsted and our visit from Ofsted praised and congratulated us on our amazing team of staff.

Choosing the right school for your child is the most important time in your child’s life. Children from Kiddiecare historically go to Meopham Community Academy, Istead Rise Primary School, Cobham Primary School and Independent Primary Schools. Staff are always here to guide and support you and assist in school choices if requested. We have an open door policy and we work hard to build a good strong working partnership with parents. We value our parents contribution and input during their child’s time at Kiddiecare.

Kiddiecare Ethos:
Our Keyworker led preschool offers high quality care, education and enriching experiences for all the children. ‘Laugh, learn and have fun!!’


Here are a selection of photos from around our Kindergarten

Our term dates

Monday 7th September – Friday 23rd October

Mon 2nd November – Friday 18th December

Monday 4th January – Friday 12th February

Monday 22nd February – Friday 26rd March

Thursday 15th April – Friday 28th May

Monday 7th June – Wednesday 21stJuly

Total = 38 Weeks

Meet our friendly staff

We know how important it is for your Children to feel happy and safe outside of their own home.
We would like to introduce to you our staff who will be looking after your little ones and for you and your Children to be able to put a face to a name.


Jugan Sahota - Owner / Manager:

Jugan Sahota started working at Kiddiecare Kindergarten as a volunteer in 2009 when her daughter started at Kiddiecare. She fell in love with Kiddiecare so much that she continued working as a volunteer for the next 3 years while training and studying and completing her Level 2 and 3 NVQ. Jugan took over as owner of Kiddiecare Kindergarten in 2013 and made considerable improvements to the resources and garden. Jugan is the owner and hands on manager, she loves what she does and it shows. She is very proud of her team and their Outstanding nursery and continuously strives to make Kiddiecare even better!

Paula Hazelton, Deputy Manager and Senco.

I have worked in early years childcare for 18 years. I have NVQ’s Levels 2 and 3 in Children’s Care, Learning & Education and also Forest School and Understanding Autism Level 2. I have managed at Nursery for over 13 years and been Senco for 16 years. I feel very passionate about helping children with additional needs and find it incredibly rewarding helping them to make even the smallest steps. I have learnt so much from the diversity of the different needs of the children under my care. My warm, calm and patient persona has allowed me to build a good connection with children and allowed so many, particularly those with social communication difficulties to open up to me. Im very creative and love music, dancing and singing and love to bring smiles to all of their little faces and allow them to build self confidence.

Jacqui Smart

Jacqui joined Kiddiecare in 2003 and has enjoyed long spells of working as a part time NVQ 2 qualified practitioner. She proudly portrays herself as the honorary grandmother of the nursery, yet she possesses endless energy, patience and passion. She relishes the privilege of nurturing the anxious, shy child, channelling the bold and ensuring every child matters. She loves being a story teller and encouraging fun and friendship.

Katrina Webb

I attended North west Kent collage and hold a level 3 in childcare and education. I then went to work in a private nursery aged 6 months to 5 years. I was a bank staff so worked with all the ages. I worked alongside key workers to helping them to progess and plan/implement activities. I also met all the holistic needs of the individual children and followed routine, timetable, policies and procedures. While I was there I also worked in a family home as a nanny to a 12 year old and a 1 year old. I would arrange days out meet the needs of them both and carried out home duties. I also was instead registered during this time. I worked with them both for 3 years.

I then moved onto a special needs school. I worked as a TA there for 3 years. I was trained constantly to be able to meet the children’s individual needs like medication, tube feeding, autism, visual impairment, how to move the children safely using equipment, first aid, dyspraxia, dyslexia cerebral palsy. Hearing impairment epilepsy and seizures. I worked here for just over 3 years.

I them moved to a mainstream school to work as a one to one where I worked alongside the family liaison officer senco and the teacher. I would help the teacher plan and implement the activities planned. I also adapted work to meet the children’s individual needs . I would observe and track the children progress. I worked here for 3 years I have been proudly working in Kiddiecare as a key worker alongside an amazing team for the last 6 years..

Joanne Sutton

Joanne is a qualified NVQ level 2 qualified and about to finish NVQ level 3 and has been at Kiddiecare for the last 5 years. She has gained lots of knowledge and understanding through much training with experience staff at Kiddiecare. Joanne is a soft, kind approachable and caring person. She in enjoys art and craft, story time, circle time and P.E. She is a very valuable member of the team. Joanne is always very orgnised and leads her own key group and strives to create a stimulating calm environment for her key children.

Tamara Forrest

Tamara Forrest has Level 1 in Health and Social Care, Level 2 in Childcare and also has completed her Level 3 in Childcare. Tamara has alot of experience within working in private nurseries and preschool. She has been working at kiddiecare kindergarten for 6 months and her daughter also attends Kiddiecare and she loves coming to nursery. Tamara has a very good understanding about the EYFS. She is a very caring, smiley person and also willing to learn new skills.

Jada Souten Trainee

Jada is studying for her level 2 in childcare while working at Kiddiecare. She has been with us for 1 year, joined our team. She is soft, kind approachable and caring. Jada has been a great addition to our team She has become a valuable member of the team in a very short period.